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Snow day activities

Hello Year 2,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow and have had some fun! Below are some home learning activities that you could complete. There are indoor and outdoor activities.

Today’s activities are:

Have a go at the games here.

* Make snow shapes and take photos of them.

* Write a set of instructions for making a real snowman.

* Make a real snowman and take a picture of it.

Topic – India
Have a look at http://greetingindia.tripod.com/clothing.html

Can you draw a picture of a woman/man wearing Indian clothing?

Enjoy the snow and I’ll see you soon!

Mrs Parfitt

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3 Responses to “Snow day activities”

  1.   Ben Davis Says:

    I enjoyed making my snowman eventhough my fingers are frozen solid!I am sure I will enjoy making the shapes aswell.

    Ben Davis.

  2.   aparfitt Says:

    Well done Ben! See you soon.

    Mrs Parfitt

  3.   jordan Says:

    Mmmm they look 🙂

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